What Size Drill Bit for Brown Plugs

Brown plugs are difficult to remove because the drill bit doesn’t go all the way into the hole. In this article, we’ll show you how to size your drill bit for brown plugs.

What are Brown Plugs?

Brown plugs are a type of drill bit that is used to remove stubborn material from holes. They are made of a harder material than standard drill bits and are used for drilling into hard materials such as brick, concrete, and marble.

Brown plugs can be purchased in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is 3/8 inch. They can also be used with other types of drill bits, but it is important to use the correct size for the material that you are drilling. If you are drilling into soft materials such as wood, then a smaller size brown plug will work better than if you are drilling into harder materials.

When using brown plugs, it is important to keep several things in mind: First, always wear safety glasses and a helmet when drilling. Second, make sure that the bit is properly lubricated before starting the hole. Third, make sure that the hole is drilled straight – if it is not, the brown plug will not fit properly and may even break off. Finally, be patient – brown plugs can take some time to remove stubborn material from holes.

How to Remove Brown Plugs

If you are having trouble removing brown plugs from your pipes, you may need to use a different size drill bit. A standard drill bit will not work because the hole is too small. You will need to use a larger bit that is specifically designed to remove brown plugs. Follow these steps to make sure you use the right size bit:

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1. Wet the area around the plug with water before drilling. This will help reduce friction and make it easier to remove the plug.

2. Use a standard drill bit and start by drilling slowly into the plug. Make sure to keep the drill angled so that the bit is spinning as you drill. Once you have drilled into the plug, increase your speed and drill until it comes out.

3. If there are any stubborn bits of plugs left behind, use a pipe cleaner or a plunger to suction them off of the pipe.

What Size Drill Bit to Use

If you are drilling into a surface that is brown, you will want to use a smaller drill bit. A standard drill bit will not be able to penetrate the surface and will instead leave marks on the surface. A smaller drill bit should be used if the goal is to remove the surface layer without damaging it.


If you’re looking to remove brown plugs from a pipe, you’ll need to use a drill bit that is specifically designed for this task. The size of the bit will depend on the diameter of the plug and the type of drill you are using. Generally, smaller bits are used for PVC pipes while larger bits can be used on metal pipes. Make sure to read the instructions that come with your drill bit before starting to remove the plugs.